For every girl, waking up with a glowing face in the morning is indeed a dream come true. But, little do we realise, that ending our nights in the right manner is the perfect way to start the next day. To look fresh and radiant in the morning, you need to nourish your skin the night before.  

When the body is resting, our skin goes through a self-repair process. And it's at this time that it your need to just let your skin be. If you have even a trace of make-up on, it will clog the pores resulting in acne, pigmentation and dry patches. The best way to a radiant glow is the basic cleansing-exfoliating-moisturising process that everyone must follow. 

We've jotted down some fabulous, easy-to-follow skincare routines that you can try at home. With no fancy ingredients and everything that you'll easily find at home, these are easy on the pocket and work like magic. 

Try them out tonight. You can thank us later! 

1. Lemon and Coconut Oil Treatment

2. Oatmeal and Egg White Treatment

Designs by Disha Bhanot

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