Being too beautiful can be a problem. Something that we never thought we would say but here it is. It is also quite ironic considering that we spend almost half of our lives trying to look beautiful. 

As reported by BBC, social psychologists Lisa Slattery Walker and Tonya Fravert at the University of North Carolina combined years of research and revealed that there are serious downsides to being drop dead gorgeous. 

It will leave you flabbergasted as it did us. Like in what sort of a world is being too beautiful a problem? Let us begin at the basics then. 

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If we perceive someone as beautiful, our subconscious gets tricked into believing that they must be blessed in other departments as well. Not a bad thing then, right? Right. Before the downsides of being gorgeous, there are a few benefits also. 

Walker and Fravert have found out that favouring someone good looking begins right from one's schooldays when teachers seem to favour good looking students. Courts have given lenient sentences to attractive people and good looking people tend to earn upto 15 per cent more than their plain looking colleagues.

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It all looks rosy till now. How are the lives of good looking people made difficult, you ask? Here's how. 

Attractive men might be considered better leaders, but attractive women might have to face blatant sexism making it less likely for them to get hired for higher positions. 

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As Walker and Fravert's findings show, it actually gets worse - if one is interviewed by an individual of the same sex and they perceive you to be better looking than them, then it is highly likely that they will not hire you. 

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More worryingly, a doctor might perceive an illness in a good looking person as less serious. The research also shows that good looking people are also generally seen as less approachable. 

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Online dating site, OKCupid, recently reported that people with flawless profile pictures tend to get fewer dates than people with quirky and less-perfect pictures. 

The research just points out that we have a seriously warped idea of beauty. If you are plain looking, then trust these researchers, you are good. 

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