After multiple cases of molestation being reported on New Year's Eve, another shocking video from Bengaluru has emerged. A chilling two-minute video recorded on CCTV shows two men on a scooter blocking a woman's way as she made her way home and then molesting her.

The incident occurred around 2.30 am on Sunday near the Kammanahalli main road in east Bengaluru, reports TOI. The video shows a woman getting off an autorickshaw and walking towards her home when two men circle around her on a scooter.

The passenger travelling pillion then gets down, grabs her and molests her. When she attempts to push him away, he forces himself on her and gropes her. With the help of his companion, they then pin her to their scooter where she can be seen struggling to overpower them. 

After some time as she refuses to stop struggling, the men hurl her on the road and ride away.

The Times of India report says that the woman told her friends that she did not want to approach the police as it would be of no use. 

Bengaluru made national headlines after pictures emerged of groups of men allegedly molesting women during New Year's Eve celebrations on prominent roads like Brigade Road and MG Road. It didn't help that the state's home minister blamed 'western clothing' for the incidents and said that ‘such incidents happen’. He later said he had been misquoted. 

The Bengaluru Police chief has said that they have filed an FIR and are presently investigating the incidents of molestation. 

On Tuesday, Samajwadi Party Maharashtra unit chief Abu Azmi while reacting to the Bengaluru incident sparked further controversy when he claimed that "ants will swarm the place where sugar is".

Source: b'Source/PTI'

"Boys and girls should not be allowed to roam about together freely. Western culture has made its way into India. This should stop. The more the nudity, the more a girl is considered fashionable," Azmi had said. 

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(Feature image source: YouTube grab)