Remember that guy on Snapchat we told you about? The one who came up with cheesy one-liners to describe his heartbreak? Well, he seems to have sparked quite a trend. Not once, but twice did he come up with puns so lame about heartbreaks, that they were actually funny.

But then internet being the internet, there's always somebody who's giving an answer. So ladies and gentlemen, here's Bengaluru resident, Priyanka Suma's punny attempt at addressing the issue head on. She decided to come up with her own comebacks to those 'heartbreak' Snapchats. She posted on Facebook

So, there was this "Heart Broken Guy" on Facebook, who made an attempt to come up with cheesy pick up lines. Really funny! But most of the times, women don't like being hit on and addressed with such lines. So here's my parody reply to him - Angry Woman

Here's the debut of Priyanka Suma.

That's how she rolls. Hell, yeah!