There's nothing more attractive than a man who can pull off a beard. A bearded man can make anyone go weak in the knees. Which is why women wait for #NoShaveNovember just as much as men do!

And now that November is over, here are the best bearded men in all their hairy glory to make your year a tad bit better.

1. Here is the big daddy of beards to begin with.

Source: sameerrahatkhan/Instagram

2. The beard with a mooch never fails. Not even in 2016.

Source: parmindermatharoo/Instagram

3. The desi beard combined with the retro shades is a match made in heaven.

Source: preet.sahota89/Instagram

4. He looks like a real treat with that beard, doesn't he?

Sources: diveshidnani/Instagram

5. A long beard plus nerdy glasses = everything you need.

Source: kishalps/Instagram

6. This beard is the stuff of dreams, both a man's and a woman's.

Source: arivoli_tamilarasan/Instagram

7. What looks better than a well-kept beard? A well-kept beard with a cool camouflage jacket.

Source: insanethesupertramp/Instagram

8. A neat beard with a neat personality is the need of the season.

Source: iromenon/Instagram

9. What else do you need when you got a beard like that?

Source: suneettandan/Instagram

10. Hold on there, 2016. You ain't that bad after all.

Source: __ankit___/Instagram

11. With a beard like that and those pair of shades, the Christmas is going to be a retro one this time.

Source: urbangabru_beardbrand/Instagram

12. This beard and that hair makes us get our funk on.

Source: pepper_ketchup/Instagram

13. Well, hello hotness!

Source: dakshhhhhhhh/Instagram

14. Only so many people can carry off a man bun and a beard, this gentleman is one of them.

Source: rituraj_11/Instagram

15. A bearded gentleman with a cup of chai is what a desi prince charming looks like.

Source: abhishekbajaj100/Instagram

16. Beardin' exactly like one is supposed to.

Source: rajpootviveksngh/Instagram

17. Isn't this beard just the cutest thing that happened to 2016?

Source: theurbanelion/Instagram

18. Just a pictorial record of what perfection looks like.

Source: nitinchauhanofficial/Instagram

19. Anyone would want to feel that beard up. We know we do!

Source: thasvy/Instagram

20. Here's hoping 2017 will be just as happening as this beard.

Source: beardseyeview/Instagram

21. And, saving the best, for the last! We don't know what's hotter, that gaze, the moochi or the beard.

Source: kad_damn/Instagram

Long live the beard!