In a miraculous turn of events, a 40-year-old man in Meerut found his missing wife after a 9-month long search.

Tapeshwar Singh, who hails from Bihar had settled in Meerut and got married to Babita 3 years ago, who was abandoned by her relatives in Brijghat district in Uttar Pradesh. But it came as a shocker for Singh when Babita disappeared one day, who was suffering from a mental disorder, reports The Times of India.

Singh had started looking for her missing wife in March this year on a bicycle with posters of Babita hoisted on small rods at two ends of his vehicle. He would sometimes cycle for hours without food and water.

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Later, Singh was informed through some of his acquaintances that Babita had been taken by a pimp to a red light area to force her into prostitution. But despite searching her at multiple brothels, he couldn't find her. 

The pimp who brought Babita couldn't finalise a deal to sell her due to her mental condition and eventually she was abandoned. Eventually the police filed an FIR and promised to help Singh.

Without losing any hope, Singh continued his search. One fine day he finally managed to find her in Haldwani district. Babita said that she didn't really know how she reached Haldwani but said that she too was looking for Singh.