China is officially banning 'bizzare' architecture, says BBC.

The country is known as an architect's playground, infamous for it's 'adventurous, oversized, weird' buildings. After this directive, they will no longer be able to construct strange buildings which resemble either a pair of pants or a penis.

China's state council has instead issued directives for constructing buildings that are 'economic, green and beautiful', reports CNN.

But why would China issue such a strange directive? It's not like they have buildings shaped like pants of penises...Or do they?

The Gate of the Orient

Source: Twitter | @TurnbullCoLtd

Teapot-shaped building in Jiangsu province

Source: Reuters

China Central Television Headquarters

Source: Reuters

The Guangzhou Circle

Source: Reuters

The building of China's state-run newspaper, People's Daily

Source: Reuters

Sheraton Hot Spring Resort

Source: Twitter | @MyDestination

City Library (left) and the Ordos Museum in the city of Ordos

Source: AFP

(Feature Image Source: Twitter | @bMunch)