So you've right swiped that cute guy on Tinder, with that gorgeous curly hair and eyes fringed with thick lashes and he follows anime the same way you do. It's almost too good to be true. And unfortunately it is. 

So when you show up in all your glory of your real (splendid) self at the bar, with your heart thudding and find out that he's actually got sparse hair, a runny nose, knows zero about Naruto and informs you that he has a collection of crotch-less panties. Things can understandably get a little... er... weird. 

What if the restaurant you're in, came to your rescue discreetly and helped you make that quick exit?

Twitter user Stephanie Duran came across a helpful poster in the restroom which helps out customers who're stuck on an unpleasant date and need to get away ASAP. Also if your date revs up his chainsaw in response to "I want to leave", you'll be at a loss to figure out what to do next. 

Take a look at the poster:

Source: Twitter

If I ever find this restaurant, it's going on my go-to list just because.