More often than not we're so enamoured by our favourite Bollywood celebs, that we just don't give a damn about those people behind the stars who work equally hard to make a film successful. However, observe closely and you'll find that extras often give better expressions than the lead actors. 

Just like these ones we found out for you peeps. Check 'em out.

1. This guy, who just cannot believe that Arjun Kapoor actor ban gaya.

2. This guy, who found his text messages more interesting than the ongoing shoot.

3. This guy, who got so enamoured by Katrina, he forgot the lantern is burning his face.

4. This guy who suddenly realized that he didn't want to be an extra anymore.

5. This guy, who was way more interested in arranging chairs than watching Anil Kapoor dance.

6. This guy who just wants it all to get over ASAP.

7. This girl who breaks her head but then immediately realizes that life ain't so bad after being rescued by Salman bhai.

8. Don ka intezaar bhale hi 11 mulkon ki police kar rahi ho, magar khujli kisi ka intezaar nahin karti.

9. This guy who attained nirvana in the middle of the shoot.

10. Bas! Ab aur nahin dekha jaata!

Next time you watch a movie, keep your eyes open real wide. You might find a parallel story running in the background. Cheers.