Ever wondered whether there could be an ice cream creation that doesn't just taste delicious but also gets you a little tipsy? Well, here's one godsent company that has made it possible for people to get pleasantly buzzed after eating an ice-cream.

Tipsy Scoop is a New York based ice-cream company that serves ice-cream with pre-mixed cocktails.

Source: feedyourgirlfriend | Instagram

All of their boozy ice-cream flavours contains about 5% alcohol by volume. 

Source: Tipsy Scoop | Instagram
Source: Tipsy Scoop | Instagram

Say for instance, the delicious Vanilla Bean Bourbon...

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... and the classic Cake Batter Vodka Martini.

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Source: Tipsy Scoop | Instagram

If this isn't perfect, I don't know what is!

Source: Tipsy Scoop | Instagram
Source: Tipsy Scoop | Instagram

Ever heard of ice-cream pints? People say that one serving of Tipsy Scoop is equivalent to drinking one beer. 

Source: Tipsy Scoop

If that wasn't enough, listen to this. Tipsy Scoop also serves ice cream sandwiches and boozy birthday cakes. 

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Can this get any better? Oh, I don't think so.