“Give my money back, asshole!”

Only if I had the guts to say so out loud to all the shameless people who have stripped me off a considerable chunk of my money over the years and very conveniently forgotten to return it. But I shy away every damn time.

Borrowing is usually defined as “taking and using (something belonging to someone else) with the intention of returning it". Considering I never saw it ever again means my money was never really borrowed. It was taken away by a lie.

I wonder sometimes. How is such blatant disregard for basic courtesy even possible? I’m talking to you, sort-of-thief(s). You know who you are. If you had amnesia, I’d understand. But you don’t have amnesia. Your actions were deliberate and well though out.

I judge you. I despise you. I see you for who you are: a con artist, a freeloader.

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You took advantage of the fact that I wouldn’t say no. I could’ve refused, unless you held a gun to my head. But then again, I’m just a little more considerate than you. So I got played. Survival of the fittest, eh? You seem to swear by the motto. It definitely works.

So, you borrowed some. You really ‘needed’ it. You had no other option but to ask someone for it. Cool. Understood. No problem. After all, people help people. I went to an ATM for you. I trusted you (maybe not entirely).

Then I didn’t see you for a while. I didn’t hear a word from your end. When I finally met you again, that little incident of monetary exchange was long buried.

Do you know how much it stings when you stand in front of me, make little jokes, eat, laugh, crib, but never, ever, mention our last deal? How are you so adept at evading a matter that’s staring you right in the face? It must be years of practice.

Ideally, I should’ve refreshed your memory while I still had the chance. Given you a piece of my mind. I should’ve made you pay for that last round of drinks. But I didn’t because I’m not you. If I had, I wouldn’t have suffered at all. But it’s too late now.

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It’s incredible how many people have been caught in your trap. The thing is that when you’re so upfront while asking for something like money, it’s hard to say no. It’s odd. No one wants to part with his or her precious savings. But if we refuse, we end up feeling like giant sacks of guilt. So, to save ourselves the burden, we give in.

Money has always been a touchy subject. Both in give and take situations. It is approached with caution; we all want to avoid awkwardness. So I kept quiet. But the silence continued for too long.

I was there when you needed me and this is how you pay me back? Ha! If only you’d paid me back. Guess the joke is on me.

Deriving a rough estimate of the hundreds and thousands I’ve given away makes me cringe now. It sums up to quite a hefty amount. Each calculation was like being mentally stabbed. I could’ve taken a vacation. Or invested it all. I would’ve received interest, for god’s sake. But what did I receive instead? Pain. Misery. Agony.

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You know, I’d rather chew my hand off than extend it to ask for some dough, like any other self-respecting person. If a legit emergency threatens my well being, I might go to my mother. But you’re lucky, as you’ve got no pride.

Even when reminded of your impending dues, you find a quick escape. You’re a leech; you’ll drain your victims out till your slimy belly is full. Enough now. Your appetite might be never-ending but you won’t suck on my money anymore. It’s time to rip you off and flick you out of the window.

But before that, I want to say a little more.

Another thing I don’t understand is how are you and your category of losers always broke? Why do you step out if you’ve got nothing to contribute? You’re not homeless or anything. You’ve got a job too. Then what’s the fuss about?

If you’re out of cash, then why is your share on the bill? How could you step out knowing your pockets are empty? Or did you just lie through your teeth then too?

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But why would you give a damn? Everyone’s bank account is your free fund.

The most ironic part of it all is that you show no trace of embarrassment at all. That red face was always supposed to be mine. You didn’t hesitate for a second before begging me for a loan, but I paused every time I thought of bringing it up later.

Even after a few bad experiences, I still didn’t lose faith in the greater good of humanity because everyone is different, right? Not everyone is an ungrateful little bitch. So I continued helping out whenever I could.

Not anymore. It has happened way too many times now. Why should those with zero morality enjoy my hard earned money while I sulk? I don’t even know where you spent it. On booze? Your phone bills? Cigarettes? I’ll never know. And honestly, I don’t even want to find out.

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You know, I’d rather have my money stolen than nicked by the likes of you. At least then I wouldn’t feel betrayed. Clearly, you never cared about losing the respect or friendship of another. Trust means nothing to you. Your promises are empty, just like your conscience.

But then again, I laugh. Because karma, bro. Karma. It’s going to bite you in the ass someday. And I hope I’m around to watch. Till then, I hope you meet someone who can stoop as low as you and turn your tricks on you.

You need to know how this shit feels. If there is any justice in this universe, it’ll happen soon enough.

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