A dog is called man's best friend for so many reasons. Apart from giving unconditional love and loyalty, dogs are known for helping our contrymen in the uniform, saving their lives on many occasions. Like the sniffer dogs who are responsible for discovering hidden explosives.

Source: Google Plus

The same happened in Raigarh District, Odisha, when a sniffer dog was looking for an improvised explosive device. However, when the IED exploded right in front of the dog, it was easy to assume the worst. Thankfully, the dog escaped. Watch the chilling video here.

According to reports, there were no casualties. Apparently, the brave dog sustained some minor injuries but looks good for a healthy recovery.

Some people on the internet are blaming the incident on the 'irresponsible' dog handler.

Source: Twitter

We're just glad the canine friend is all right. We await more information on the same.