Can't seem to get enough sleep? Do you have a personal grudge against your alarm clock? Do you struggle to keep your eyes open throughout the day?

Then this list is for you. These breakfast items will keep you pumped up and ready to tackle anything the world throws at you.

1. Eggs

The solution to everyday breakfast woes - these are easy to whip up early in the morning and full of essential nutrients and proteins. Filling and full of the goodness of omega-3s, fat and proteins, these will not only help you get that buffed up body you were looking for but will also stop your stomach from growling out loud for lunch during that meeting.

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This yummy sweetener is preferable to white sugar, because of its natural sugars that require energy to break down, making sure you remain wide-eyed all day. It's more powerful than caffeine and in a good way, as it stays in the body longer keeping you supplied with energy. 

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The oily fish is a nutritious and delectable choice for breakfast. Toss it in the pan and watch it work wonders owing to its omega-3 fatty acids, which help in building up muscles and tissues and keeping up energy levels.

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This fruit will give you long-lasting energy to keep you on your feet. One banana gives you 105 calories and is loaded with electrolyte potassium for natural energy. Just eat one or two and you'll be rearing to go!

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Kale, chard, watercress, spinach and other greens are rich in nutrients. They boost your energy with large amounts of folate, vitamins C and K and calcium and beta-carotene. Cook the greens into a delicious stew or pop them in a meal, this healthy choice will go a long way in keeping you fit.


Though your heart might crave syrupy pancakes or waffles for breakfast, the sugary carbs might weigh you down. So opt for oatmeal instead, with nutritious nuts and fruits. Oatmeal has good fibre content and lower cholesterol levels in the body. 

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Greek yogurt is thicker than normal yogurt and contains more proteins and less carbs and sugar. It's known to be great for people who work out hard because of its protein levels and healthy bacteria. You'll be congratulating yourself on this breakfast choice, when you learn that it burns fat because of the energy needed to digest it. 

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The elders have always advocated popping in a couple of almonds to keep your brain healthy and studies have proved them right. Vitamin E in almonds have shown to prevent cognitive downfall. Their protein, fibre and fats help stabilise sugar levels, making you feel energetic and focused. 

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Apples work better at warding off morning sleepiness than a cup of coffee. A healthier option, apples with their natural sugar content charge you up enough to keep you going, Its soluble fiber, vitamin C and antioxidants called polyphenols are an added bonus, which your body will thank you for. 

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Spices are great for firing up your metabolism, so sprinkle them liberally on your breakfast. Cinnamon, cumin, paprika, and red pepper will make you alert. Other spices are rich in minerals and anti-oxidants, so using these will keep your body rejuvenated.

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Even the smell of citrus fruits are said to improve serotonin levels responsible for happiness, so you can start your day with a smile on your face. It also powers up your immune system with Vitamin C.

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Combine the yummy goodness of dark chocolate and milk and mornings won't seem so bad anymore. Dark chocolate improves blood flow to the brain to get it whirring. It's great for skin and cuts down heart disease risk and is rich in anti-oxidants. Every kid knows how good milk is for your bones, so drink up. 

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Have a great day!