Just a few years ago, Bree Olson was at the top of the game. She was a leading star in the adult film industry, a penthouse pet, and was dating one of the Hollywood biggies, Charlie Sheen, as one of his live-in goddesses. The world was at her feet, until she retired in 2011 to pursue a career in the mainstream films, and faced another world, that was harsh and unwelcoming to her.

Talking to Matan Uziel, whose project, Real Women Real Stories, is aimed at bringing awareness about important issues that millions of women face every day, Bree Olson expressed her deep regrets about joining the adult film industry. The former porn star opened up about her life and how she constantly suffers humiliation and disrespect at the hands of society and people in general. Regretting her career choice, when asked about how she would like to be treated, what the 29-year-old said is enough to tear you up. 

No matter how much we claim to be an open society and think that we have respect towards each other's choices, this heartfelt video of Olson shows we're still a long way before we make this world a better place to live in. 

Here's Olson pouring her heart out:

Source: Real Women Real Stories

Here's the link to the full text of her interview.

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