Weddings are so much fun. From filmy stage set-ups to multiple cuisines, who doesn't love all that splash of color, dance, and rituals?

But these days, more than the wedding, it's the dance performances that everyone looks up to. No wedding is complete without the bride's mother performing at Mehndi Hai Rachne Vaali and the groom's friends grooving to Dilliwali Girlfriend.

But this one wedding dance by Melissa Molinaro might just change how you look at wedding dance performances, forever! A Canadian actress, singer, dancer and fashion designer, Melissa pulled off a never-seen-before performance for her groom at their wedding and totally set the stage on fire with her bridesmaids.

Before we show you the performance, look at how the bride and groom are slaying with their squad!

Source: Instagram

From the hair and make up to their nude bodysuits, the girls put up a show worth a performance at the Grammy's stage or a Beyoncé song video!

Watch the video here: 

This might be a little far fetched for an Indian wedding, but damn if your girl can dance like that, you're one lucky man!