ISIS is a menace that has to be curbed, by hook or by crook. By USA or by Russia. By love or by war. By logic or without logic. At least, the latest desperate effort by Britain suggests so! 

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The latest buzz in town is that British Special Forces in Libya are trying to drive out holed up ISIS militants by blasting Bollywood songs at them.

Stay with us, we're not even kidding!

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According to The Sun:

The psychological operations unit of the armed forces managed to infiltrate the extremists’ communications network. They were then able to drown out lines of communication, flooding the line with Bollywood music instead. The joint team of Libyan and British troops also decked out two cars with massive speakers and left them blaring close to ISIS checkpoints.
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However ludicrous it may sound, multiple reports suggest just that. And it doesn't take a Bollywood lover to be put off by this. One simply wonders what would the scene inside that super covert conference room be, where this idea germinated. Or better still, who could be the genius who came up with such an idea!

Turns out, the idea was given to the British troops by a Pakistan-born intelligence officer...

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According to The Daily Mirror, the officer said that Bollywood tunes would irritate ISIS because The Islamic State follows the Sharia law system that bans anything inane... in this case, Bollywood!

While we were still looking for our fallen jaws after reading the news reports, we decided to actually join the party and hand over our British friends an even more deadly weapon that would wipe ISIS off the face of the earth.


Armed with the T-Bomb, the end of ISIS is close...

And it's not pretty... not one bit.

So hold hands and pray to the sweet lord, because he can see you...




Thank us later, Brits!