It's hard to imagine what the sensible American must be feeling at this moment. As Indians, sitting far, far away from the United States of America, most of us felt a jolt of shock down our spine when we learnt that Donald John Drumpf Trump is the new President elect. But here we are, seeing this man ready to take on one of the most powerful thrones in the world.

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Yup, they just handed nuclear codes to a guy whose favourite two words are - "You're fired!"

His new term in the Oval Office ends Barack Obama's 8-year-term. America is set to bid goodbye to one of the best Presidents it has had in recent history. I mean, the man is loved the world over. Not just for being an excellent orator, but for maintaining the demeanor of a true global leader. And of course, not to forget his really cool antics that made him a fan favourite too.

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With UK's Brexit and Obama's exit, the Brits have a very weird demand. They want the first African-American President to now take office in the UK! From the White House, Twitter was abuzz with British people wanting him to be the resident of 10 Downing Street. Here are some tweets that show the plight of the British citizenry:

We aren't sure how Obama is taking this. Perhaps he feels privileged. But with the White House set to become the new Trump Tower, this short poem/letter Obama wrote to the Congress on the Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon sums it up best: