Although the decriminalisation of homosexuality in India as per law has been the subject of a nationwide debate for some time, the stigma attached to it in Indian society at times at times has a far worse impact.

In Agra a case of bullying took an extreme turn, when a 15-year-old class XI boy from the Madia Katra area poured diesel and set himself on fire after being repeatedly teased by neighbours.

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The boy, who passed with distinction in his class X examinations, sustained 40 percent burns and was rushed to a local hospital by his family after they heard his screams, reports The Times Of India.

Asked about why the aspiring engineer took this extreme step, his father said that a few neighbours claimed to have seen him getting intimate with a male friend in a park and started harassing him. 

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The boy had reportedly locked himself in his room for two days and on Sunday suddenly emerged from it, poured diesel on himself and set himself on fire. 

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