As you may have already heard, the hotter-than-fire John Abraham goes to bed in the nude. That's easily one of the most mind-blowing combos I can think of - all that raw sexiness, and sleep. *drool* Now, before you go off judging me for being creepy AF, let me clarify. I'm simply in awe of John for this choice of his.

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Not only is him sleeping naked a kindness to humanity everywhere (yes, this bit is creepy) but it's also been proven to make you a healthier and happier person!

It cools your body down and helps you sleep better, does wonders for your body and skin, and it's frikkin' sexy! I bet celebrating naked-sleeping ain't so creepy anymore, huh?

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And guess what? We found out for you that several others of our celeb-sweethearts sleep in the buff too. Read on!

1. Marilyn Monroe

When asked what she wore to bed, the timeless diva once said, "Chanel No.5."

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2. Jacqueline Fernandez

The actress revealed in a Valentine's Day special interview that she loves going to bed with the bare minimum.

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3. Shay Mitchell

The stunning Canadian television star has gone as far as posting pictures of herself on social media that 'reveal' her preference of nude-sleeping.

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4. Padma Lakshmi

The television host who stripped down for Allure Magazine said that she likes to sleep in the nude when in her own space.

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5. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

This super-model has gone on record on multiple occasions advocating the many benefits of sleeping in the nude.

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6. Miranda Kerr

As someone who has posed topless for several magazines, forget sleeping naked, Kerr simply loves being naked.

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7. Nick Jonas

The gorgeous Jonas brother has also mentioned in interviews that he sleeps naked and absolutely loves it.

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8. One Direction

The British boy-band that took the world by storm revealed that they too, "let it hang loose and go au naturel."

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I sure hope this inspires you to try out the magic that is nude-sleeping. If not for all the fascinating things it can do for your body, do it 'cause the coolest celebs do it! Right?

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