It isn't often that we set out to the kitchen for a snack and come back with a microscopic bite of food. 'Cause who would that work for, right? But what if I told you, an utterly tiny amount of food can be made to look so delicious that it'll get your tummy jonesing for some scrumptious yummies.

That's exactly what Rupashree Adam from Chennai accomplished with her awesome new art project. She creates miniature platters of inviting AF food and these tiny works of art will get your appetite going.




Her tiny, delicious creations are made with polymer clay, but with as much love and care as any chef would put into their dishes.




Rupashree's inspiration for miniature foods started way back when she was a young girl and used to play with tiny toys of cooking vessels, pots and cutlery.



And before she knew it, her love for tiny pretend-food led to a fascinating new take on food art.



Be it full-on meals, snacks or decadent desserts, Rupashree can do it all - in miniature form!




Oof. I, for one, am certainly hunkering for some (regular sized) deliciousness after all that.

All images are sourced from Charming Miniatures