The relationship between man and god is “very personal“ and should be “nobody else's business“, Chief Justice of India T S Thakur said on Sunday as he stressed on tolerance for peace in society.

More lives have been lost in religious wars than due to political ideologies, Justice Thakur said during the release of a book on Zoroastrianism, penned by SC judge Justice Rohinton F Nariman in New Delhi. 

Thakur also said that more destruction, damage and bloodshed in this world has taken place on the account of religious beliefs. 

“In this world, more lives have been lost in religious wars than on political ideologies. More humans have killed each other because they thought their path is better than his, that he is an infidel, that he is a non-believer. More destruction, damage, bloodshed has taken place in this world on account of religious beliefs.

“What is my religion?

How do I connect with my God? What kind of relationship I share with my God. It is nobody else's business. You can chose your relationship with your God,“ the CJI said .

(Feature image source: PTI)