As we manically chase Pokemon in parks and roads, a part of the world is bleeding. These children wish to draw your attention to their plight. These are pictures from war torn Syria. Pictures of innocent young kids holding pictures of Pokémon. Why? Because they want the world to find and save them. 

Source: Facebook


Source: Facebook


Source: Facebook

More than quarter of a million children are living under siege, according to Save The Children. This is a plea from them to you, Pokémaniacs, to come save them.

These heartrending pictures were first shared by the Revolutionary Forces of Syria's media office. Since then, these images have been widely circulated in social media. 

Source: Twitter

 One of the signs reads,

“I am a Pokémon in Ghouta, Eastern Syria, come save me?”

Ghouta was the site of a chemical weapon attack on civilians in September 2013, leaving many children dead.