There is no dearth of mysterious and baffling things on this planet and scientists have come across another such unexplainable sight in the deserted swampy marshes of 'Parana Delta' in northern Argentina. An enigmatic almost circular island named 'The Eye' has allegedly been seen rotating on its own axis while floating on a pond of clear water and has been seen leaning against the walls of its outer circle. 

Around 118 meters in diameter, scientists suspect it has existed since 2003. However, its nearly perfect shape and its firm hard terrain despite being surrounded by marshy land has piqued the curiosity of scientists who want to delve further into the mystery. As Oddity Central reported, the water seemed unusually clear and cold and the island was floating on something but it could not be determined over what exactly.

Watch it to believe it here:

Source: YouTube

Crazy theories are cropping up to explain the island ranging from how it might be hiding an alien base to how it explains God's existence on Earth. There's even a documentary being made on it to explain the phenomenon. 

Guess we'll wait for the documentary to figure out what it really is.