1. When your parent is a little too much into Liam Neeson references.

2. But why would you keep money in the food? Oh, wait...

3. Diabolical. Genius.

4. Pun Level: Phil Dunphy.

5. You do what you need to, to get some good sleep.

6. When dad gives you advice on porn browsing.

7. Anything to get the kids to eat.

8. This mom ain't playing around.

9. When you have a really curious kid.

10. Well, at least she didn't empty it.

11. This is not a line.

12. "I feed you. You do chores."

13. There's only so much stupidity a parent can take.

14. Wrong tube, son.

15. You don't want to test her wrath, do you?

16. "Don't worry mom, my growling tummy will give me company."

17. Very subtle. Not.

18. "I pack your lunch and test it for poison."

19. The parents are using memes!

20. #BlackLivesMatter

21. Nihilist Dad is nihilist.

22. Don't think it's a sweet letter just because they used Comic Sans font.

23. "Put a note on my phone reminding me to pick up the cake."

24. When your parent is a survivalist.

25. "You could have just said colonoscopy, mom."

Can you even imagine what the next generation of parents are gonna be like?