Ever since the video of Coldplay front man Chris Martin jamming with Vishal Dadlani in New Delhi went viral, and the band's not too far from stereotypical new music video featuring Sonam Kapoor was released, there has been one question on everyone's mind. Are they planning on coming to India sometime soon?

Last year Chris Martin was spotted in a Delhi cafe one fine evening.

On a Wednesday evening in June, 2015, the internet was flooded with images and reports of the impromptu performance that Chris Martin gave along with musician Vishal Dadlani at the Summerhouse Cafe in Delhi. And of course rumours of whether the band will come down to India began floating about.

The July 28, 2016, issue of the Mumbai Mirror reported that Coldplay are set to perform in India on November 19.

Source: festivalsherpa.com

The performance is part of a fund-raiser for The Global Poverty Project - the project Martin is ambassador for. There are no other details on the performance yet, but the venue seems to be a pick between either Delhi or Mumbai.

Are you set for this concert people?