With the launch of the iPhone 7, it has been revealed that Apple has controversially ditched the headphone socket. Whaaaaaat?  During their iPhone 7 event held on Wednesday, Sept. 7, Apple confirmed that the new smartphone will no longer have the conventional 3.5mm headphone jack but will be able to be used only with new wireless earphones called AirPods. 

Source: Fosters

The reaction to this massive change has been mixed. Some are praising Apple for their courageous move, Twitter, however is having a field day mocking its cost and features.

José Covaco — Comedian and VJ — also took to Twitter to let the world know exactly how easy-peasy it really is to lose 'em AirPods. Watch this hilarious video titled, 'First Indian to buy the Apple AirPods for Rs.15000 / -'  here: 

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