It's the curse of every human that ever walked the face of this earth. As kids, being constantly told by adults that adulthood is nothing but a bucket of disappointment and regret and not paying heed to them, and realising only as an adult that they were all 100% right.

Drawing out the endless struggle that is adulthood, is UK-based artist Alex Norris, whose 'Oh No' series of comics is dedicated to all of life's tiny-yet-not-tiny fails. Read on for the misadventures of Norris's silly little blob as it battles with 'getting one's shit together' or as most adult humans know it, mission impossible.

Maybe one day this adorable blob will in fact figure adult life out. Maybe not. Well, it's actually not very likely. But hey, here's to enjoying ourselves through the mess too!

H/t Bored Panda