He is arguably one of the most famous fighters in the world right now. A destructive force in the real world. The same aura that follows the Mountain in the virtual world. It is only fitting that the in-ring Irish master has already sparred with the on-screen Icelandic force.

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So he already has had a taste of the Game of Thrones world. Not a very pleasant one though. But then again, in that realm, what really is? 

Seeing how he is a loudmouth champion who puts his money where his mouth is, you would expect him to have some dialogues. Plus that Irish accent would fit right in. 

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Though the current UFC lightweight champion may have his say in the ring, he has none whatsoever when it comes to his on-screen role. And that is literally the case because he is actually playing a mute! 

Confused? Well, you remember this bastard?

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Actually, let's not call him that. The term is used in its literal sense in Game of Thrones. Let's just call him that-other-guy-who-is-ready-to-fuck-things-up and become another contender for the throne. As he sails to different corners of the world to achieve his dream, he has McGregor on a ship called the Silence

She is named so because every crew member on the ship has had their tongue ripped out, including the MMA star.

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As weird as it would be to see The Notorious keeping mum, the cameo sure looks intriguing & promising. Another reason why we can't wait for the season to be out soon.