For Delhi's chocolate lovers seeking a little warmth this winter, did you know the city is hosting a hot chocolate festival that promises a lip-smacking treat for everyone? 

The festival titled A Cup Of Warmth is being organised by Choko La, a couverture chocolate brand.


It's been on since January 18th and will go on till the 29th of this month at Choko La's Cyberhub Café in Gurgaon. The hot chocolate festival will have you delving in the goodness of six indulging flavours of hot chocolate: Classic Dark Hot Chocolate, Coffee Hot Chocolate, Cinnamon Hot Chocolate, Hazelnut Hot Chocolate, the Classic Milk Hot Chocolate, and the White Vanilla Hot Chocolate.   

What's more? 

You can also gulp down a hot chocolate shot at just ₹ 100!


What are you waiting for? Go get your chocolate shots already! Bon appétit!