For all those who need a bit of 'DIY' creative outlet in their lives, I happen to be the bearer of good news. Ice cube trays can be used for a plethora of purposes, apart from making ice. Here are some wacky things you can use your ice cube trays for:

1. Chocolate Maker

How about vanilla milk and chocolate ice cubes for a refreshing afternoon drink? Well, pour your chocolate into the ice tray, freeze it and you're ready to dunk them into vanilla milk! 

Source: Marie Belle

2. Ice pops maker

Treat your taste buds to delicious ice pops that can easily be made inside an ice tray. Here's how.

Source: Explosion

3. Make chocolate-cheesecake bites

Exhibit your chocolate making skills with this amazing recipe.

Source: Pillsbury

4.  Make coffee ice cubes

Attention coffee lovers! Add frozen coffee to your cold coffee and enjoy a deliciously refreshing drink!

Source: Liked

5. Chocolate covered strawberry dessert

Place the strawberries in the cubicles, pour chocolate into them; freeze for a few hours and voila!

Source: Elle

6. Freeze baby food for future use

Buying baby food could be a costly affair. So, make your own baby food and preserve it in cubes. 

Source: Ontha

7. Make cubes made out of leftover wine! 

How cool would it be to serve wine cubes in wine? 

Source: Explosion

8. Jewellery Box

Keep your earrings and rings in the individual slots to keep your jewellery organized. 

Source: Baomoi

9.  Make your own Jell-O shots!

Learn how by clicking here.

Source: Yemek

10. Try chai latte!

Wish to experiment with tea? Add chai iced tea cubes to milk and serve it to family and friends and watch them go whoa!

Source: The Kitchn

11. Colour Palette

The creative souls would definitely love this alternate use of an ice cube tray.

Source: Pinterest

12. Clear kitchen sink jams

Freeze some lemon and vinegar in an ice cube tray. Take them out and drop a cube down the sink and run hot water over it to unclog the system and give it a fresh citrus smell!

Source: Clear WaterPlumbers

13. Or just use it as a button holder

It could also be used as a holder for buttons and other paraphernalia.  

Source: Splendry

14. Preserve herbs

Hard herbs like oregano and rosemary can be preserved by packing ice cube trays with 2/3rd herbs and 1/3rd olive oil. 

Source: Blissome

15. Frozen fruit juice and carbonated water combo

Frozen fruit juice cubes in carbonated water taste heavenly! You can trust me on that one. 

Source: Belle Diva

Thank us later, maybe?