No words can perfectly describe the special bond between a father and their daughter. Fathers are especially known to pamper their little daughters and every girl wants a partner exactly like her father. While all fathers are heroes for their daughters, brownie points for those who actually care to get their little girls ready for school. 

And Rob Biddulph is one such dad who has been posting cute notes in her daughter Poppy's lunchbox motivating her to have her lunch daily, for the past three years! Check these wonderful notes from the dad to his daughter. 

1. Anne from Anne From the Green Gables checks upon Poppy's lunchbox. 

2. Abu from Aladdin is peeking into her lunchbox. 

3. Asterix says Hi!

4. Just look at Carmen Mirandog's food-themed hat. 

Today's #PackedLunchPostIt for Poppy. It's Carmen Mirandog. (Brand new theme next week)

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5. This gallery has all the Post-it notes. Wow!

Lots of #PackedLunchPostIt notes at #OddDogOut launch

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6. It's lunchtime in Looney Tunes language!

7. Looney Tunes are at food wars. 

8. Coyote asking for lunch. 

Today #PackedLunchPostIt for Poppy. It's the indefatigable Wile E. Coyote. 💣 #LOONEYTUNES

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9. Looks like Poppy really loves Looney Tunes!

Today Poppy gets a bona fide #LOONEYTUNES hero for her #PackedLunchPostIt. Pepé le Pew 👃

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10. And our very own Granny is here too!

Today Poppy's #PackedLunchPostIt features the #LOONEYTUNES Granny! 👵🏻

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11. Doesn't Tweety look adorable?

Today's #LOONEYTUNES #PackedLunchPostIt for Poppy is Tweety Pie... 🐥🐥🐥🐥🐥

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Take notes, dads!