The Delhi government is planning to offer a Rs 50,000 cash reward to anyone who informs authorities about female foeticide or illegal sex determination centers in Delhi, says a report in Hindustan Times.

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Incentives for informers 

The incentive is expected to encourage 'informers' to report on illegal female foeticide cases. The health department, which will be dispensing with the incentive, has also included pregnant women in the list of prospective informers if they agree to pose as clients for sting operations to bust illegal abortion or sonography clinics. 

The pregnant women will receive the payment only in the case of successful raids. 

Why are incentives needed? 

The measures are all part of attempts to normalize the terribly skewed child sex ratio in Delhi, which is the fourth lowest in the country, including all the union territories (871 girls per 1,000 boys). 

The ratio, according to 2011 census data, has not improved since 2001 (868 per 1,000)

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What does the law say? 

India has banned pre natal sex detection and female foeticide. 

The Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (PCPNDT) Act bans hospitals and clinics from carrying out pre-natal sex determination tests on pregnant women. A fine of Rs 5 lakh and imprisonment of up to 7 years can be awarded to those indulging in female foeticide.

Delhi not the first

Delhi is not the first Indian state/UT to implement cash incentives to 'informers' in exchange for tips offs regarding cases relate to female foeticide.

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