In the first edition of his 'Talk to AK' show, a Q and A session by Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal took questions directly from people across the country through Twitter, Facebook, phone calls and text messages on Sunday. The show dubbed as an answer to PM Modi's radio show Mann ki Baat, began with a long monologue on his Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)'s achievements in Delhi.

For the session, Kejriwal was accompanied by his deputy Manish Sisodia, and music composer Vishal Dadlani, who was the moderator for the session.

Here are the important highlights:

Speaking of his achievements Mr Kejriwal emphasised: "First of all the work that we have done is real, not imaginary. I welcome you to check it for yourself."

He regretted that his government was utterly powerless because of the Centre's direct control over important subjects like police, land and law and order. 

"Of the country's 31 CMs, I am the only one who is being targeted. They have reached 'understanding' with most political parties on corruption. But could not do the same with AAP," said Kejriwal.

"If (the Centre) had not created such an India-Pakistan like situation in Delhi, we would have achieved four times more," he said.

His rant against the Centre didn't end there, He said,"The centre has done various unconstitutional things to hamper the progress done by Delhi government."

On the subject of ad-spend by his government a question that confronted the Chief Minister more than once, he said: "We have not spent Rs. 536 crore, but Rs. 75 crore on ads in an entire year."

He slammed the Centre again for transferring Delhi government officers

"Our MLAs are being harassed, arrested on frivolous and fabricated allegations. We ourselves asked for CBI probe against one of our ministers who was accused of accepting bribe. We stand against corruption."

Kejriwal justified hike in MLAs' salary

The CM talked of the ways how Delhi is progressing despite hurdles and informed that his government is focusing on four sectors- electricity, water, health and education.

We believe that spending on health and education is not an expenditure, but an investment," he said.

"We have slashed power tariffs. Power is cheaper in Delhi compared to Gujarat, Mumbai and most other places." He also said that the government also slashed tax rates to reduce the burden on businessmen.

He further urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to waive off farmers' loans

"I demanded that loans of all farmers be waived by Centre, give adequate crop prices (to the farmers) by implementing (M.S.) Swaminathan report''.

Kejriwal promised the next Talk to AK after a month or two and welcomed the suggestions of the citizens for better governance of Delhi.