Over a fortnight after demonetisation took the nation by storm, Indians are still split about whether this is a prudent move on the part of the Narendra Modi administration. But all the arguments for and against demonetisation aside, nobody can deny the fact that its implementation has caused the common man a wave of inconvenience - one that is not going away anytime soon.

In the spirit of acknowledging the absolute mess that is the banned ₹500 and ₹1,000 notes, daily and weekly limits on bank withdrawals, and the ongoing reconfiguration of ATMs all over the country, one man took to Twitter. Sanjay Sipahimalani tweeted in-flight announcements as if they were being made in the style of demonetisation. And it was hilarious.

Yep. There are 13 more tweets to this. And considering that Twitter is famous for it's brevity among all social media, imagine how much more there is to be said on the subject.

I digress. Starting with a friendly reminder that this is going to be a 'bumpy ride', the passengers, much like the citizens of India were not given any warnings, about just how bumpy.

(Phshh... 'Bumpy' doesn't even begin to cover it. Ask basically any Indian right now.)

Much like in an actual flight, we've all basically committed to demonetisation without anyone having consulted us. So like it or not, you are aboard this 50-day flight... it could be more. They'll let you know.

Sanjay's final tweet basically summarised how Indians have collectively been shoved onto a flight that we know practically nothing about and now there isn't much more for us to do than hope to God that it f*#king lands alright.

There were several that responded with their two cents on the bizarre, chaotic, demonetisation flight.

There were those that did not take kindly to the joke.

And then there were those that, like most of us, are not complaining per say, but that the hilarity of our nation's utter financial frenzy is not lost on. Many, just LOL-ing pretty damn hard.

Here's to literally all of India, praying their butts off that this flight-from-hell will eventually be worth the trip.