Dev Patel broke into the Hollywood circuit with Slumdog Millionaire and was considered as a token Indian character by directors. After playing an Indian guy with a made-up accent in movies he has come a long way and now it feels like finally, he is not a newcomer anymore.

Playing the lead in The Man Who Knew Infinity, the actor proved his mettle. His new movie will remind you a lot of the Oscar-winning movie with a lot of poverty-stricken childhood flashbacks and some overwhelming plotline. But this time, he didn't have to speak in the stereotyped Indian accent anymore. Take a look the trailer:

Got goosebumps already? Wait till you get to know the real version of the story.

This story is based on Saroo Brierley's life. Born in Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh; his father abandoned his family because of poverty, leaving behind a mother and 3 brothers. The three boys (Saroo, Guddu and Kallu) helped their mother by begging in trains and sweeping train floors. One terrible day he boarded a wrong train and was separated from his family.

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He was subsequently adopted by the Brierley family of Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

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Whether he gets reunited with his family or not, only the movie, or his book 'A Long Way Home' will tell.

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Can't wait to witness his journey on the big screen.