A convention that has gone on like a tradition. Players proudly wearing their surnames on the back of their jerseys. That's how it has been for a while now.

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But the times they are a changin'... These days, we also see players walk out with their first names printed on the jerseys.  

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But it's usually, the surname that takes preference. While mentioning players we have a habit of saying their last names. The name that they - like us - get from their fathers. And there's nothing wrong with that. 

But what about our mothers? Don't they play an equally, if not more, important part in our lives? 

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So Star Plus decided to create advertisements that break the convention of only 'Baap ka naam roshan karna'. Here are videos featuring MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli & Ajinkya Rahane that beautifully give mothers the importance they deserve:

"Main itne saal se apne pita ka naam pehen raha tha, tab toh aapne nahi poocha - 'koi khaas wajah?'" - MS Dhoni

"Main jitna Kohli hoon, utna Saroj bhi toh hu." - Virat Kohli

"Log kehte hai, baap ka naam roshan karo. Magar mere liye maa ka naam roshan karna bhi utna hi important hai." - Ajinkya Rahane