They say that the only thing constant in life is change. There are people in kindergarten we promised to stay with forever, then there were promises made in twelfth grade of keeping in touch forever, and then there was college where you once again made lavish promises at the end to always stay in touch with the people who stood with you, while stepping into the mad, wild, world. 

But do we always keep these promises? And does friendship come so easy even as you're occupied by the various other curve balls that life throws at you? We all know the little voice in our head that's answering all these questions. So talking about all the way we evolve in the way we compartmentalise our friends, here are twenty posters that show you how your whole approach towards friendship changes over the years.

Take a look!

1. Oh, the young and the restless.

2. The same old 'quality over quantity' jazz.

3. 'Taken' means different things to different people. (Winks!)

4. Because what's a life without pin-drop silence?

5. You know that term we laughed at when young? Introvert, was it?

6. "Yaar lamba plan baad mein, abhi daaru peene chalte hain."

7. Not always, though. 

8. Last minute plans just cease to exist.

9. Weekends are mine! Just mine!

10. "Oh I have laundry to take care of..."

11. Priorities man. It's all about priorities.

12. Demand-supply changes with age.

13. When you're trying but you just can't be happy for another's joy. That's friendship.

14. When your love life and work merge into one.

15. That bitch called hangover.

16. Because just a few of them are for the keeps.

17. You slowly run out of fucks to give.

18. "Kya pata kya hi kaam nikalwana ho."

19. "Bhai aaj jaldi so jaate hain kal kaam pe jana hai."

20. And many other 'Goa Plans' that you always just PLAN.

Well, you're not anti-social. You've just your priorities right (er, maybe man. Just maybe).

Design credits: Devika Kumari