For ages, the society we live in has been conditioned to live life in a certain way. Anyone who dares to step out of the boundary is targeted by the self proclaimed moral police, who make it difficult for everyone to live in peace.

We, who live in the metros, believe that the society is transforming in a fashion that is inclusive of all. We prefer not to judge a person for the decisions they make for their own well being. But unfortunately, there are many who still enjoy living in their shell and prefer to see everything through their myopic view.

A recent target of this regressive trolling is Dimpy Ganguly. 

A few months ago, Dimpy Ganguly shared some gorgeous pictures of her wedding with a Dubai based entrepreneur, Rohit Roy and why not!? It must have been the happiest day of her life!

Source: Instagram


Some time later, Dimpy proudly announced her pregnancy on the social media. 

This too must have been a beautiful phase in her life. After all, she was going to be a mother!

Source: Instagram


She recently gave birth to her daughter, Reanna, and shared the joyous moment on her Instagram account. 

She graciously thanked God for her little bundle of joy. In her words, she explained her baby's arrival as, "lighting our world up like eternal Christmas!"

Source: Instagram


But the regressive members of our society just wouldn't let her live in peace!

As soon as she posted the image announcing her baby's arrival, the haters got their calendars out. They started counting the months for which she had been married and when she had the baby; and how it did not meet their standard of 9 months! She suddenly became the accused in the eyes of the self proclaimed moral police.

And then, the hate comments started pouring in.




After a few of these, her husband, Rohit Roy started defending his wife and new born child.

Its sad to see such distasteful comment....Giving birth to a new life and new soul is the most pure and genuine and positive feeling that can happen in this world.....scrutinizing and trying to rationalize our beautiful wedding with such lowly pathetic comments shows the severe lack of positivity in your life and appreciation of beautiful things

The haters on social media are those cowards who don't think twice before trashing someone's happy day. This must be a beautiful time in Dimpy and Rohit's life but the trolls felt that just because they have to hate on something in their sorry lives, they made Dimpy their next target.


Rohit, in his reply to the haters, made a very valid point:

Now when we marry, when we decide to have our kids, when they marry, when they decide to give us our grand kids is none of your nosy business! 

It is the couple's decision and their's alone to have kids, with or without marriage. And nobody has the right to disrespect that decision.

Rohit closed his reply with a message that is valid not only to this particular case, but applies to all the trolls who have made it their business to take pot shots without facing any consequences. 

I would have loved to teach you a thing or two had you said these things to me in person, but alas anonymity of social media has made it all too easy for people to take such cheap swings at others sitting behind a faceless mask!

The society we live in has a lot of negative elements. And it is exactly because of them that our progression towards a liberal tomorrow slows down!