Dogs, like humans, live very different lives. Either they will get lots of love from humans or they will face a lot of a trouble from the asshole humans. Today, we are talking about a pampered one. In fact, the super pampered one. 

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While the whole world was planning to sell their kidneys for buying the new iPhone 7, according to a report in Cosmopolitan, this dog now has 8 new iPhone 7s. No kidding, take a look. 

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You must already be jealous to the furry cute creature but wait, we will give you more reasons. Not only the 8 iPhone 7s, he also has two apple watches wrapped around his paws! 

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You must be thinking it's a stupid move but, it doesn't really matter to this guy. After all, he is the son of the richest man in China, Wang Jianlin a real estate mogul reportedly worth $33.7 billion.

Source: Cosmopolitan

His only child Sicong is 28-year-old and apparently he loves his dog, Coco a lot. He bought her eight of them, in case she lost one or seven of her first ones.

Source: Cosmopolitan

Considering an iPhone 7 will cost Rs 70,000 in India, this guy just gifted Rs 5,60,000 to his dog.

We appreciate what he did for his dog but he does realise that a simple chew-toy would have made him happier? 

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We hope this guy also gives the same, enormous amount of love and comfort to the dog, because iPhones matter to humans, not dogs!