Dear people, seems 'tis the season of Twitter wars. And this time too, we have Smriti Irani fighting it out yet again, for what seems like the thousandth time! Honestly we have lost count. 

Much like previous occasions, this time too Union Human Resource Development Minister Smriti Irani 's penchant for drama led to her locking horns with Bihar Education Minister Ashok Choudhary on Twitter.

It all started when Ashok Choudhary sent a sarcastic tweet to Mrs Irani, requesting her to pay heed to education policies. And slowly it snowballed into a completely disparate issue. Oh dear! 

Dear Smriti Irani, if you get time from politics and oratory, then do pay attention to education as well (Translated from Hindi)

Little did he know that his mention of the word 'dear' would create such a ruffle. Apparently, Irani stuck on to the word 'dear' and took huge offence because of such a salutation. We are still wondering why!

When did you start addressing women as 'dear', Ashokji? (Translated from Hindi)

The Bihar minister had his answer ready and asked Irani not to deviate from the topic

The conversation then took a different turn when Smriti started talking about a earlier meeting between the two and went all out criticising Mr Choudhary

She delivered the perfect insult to the Bihar HRD minister in this tweet

Mr Choudhary seemed pretty confident and ready to take on the challenge

Choudhary was not willing to bow down and seemed pretty headstrong. Seems like the Union HRD Minister has got a befitting competitor

This time he delivered a double blow. Targeting Irani, his trajectory now expanded to PM Modi and he took a dig at the Sangh Parivar, claiming the Modi rule was all about fake promises. Notice, by no he is no longer using the 'dear' prefix.

He was not ready to end the fight though and reminded Smriti Irani of the primary issue at hand again

Meanwhile, Twitter was quick to take her class and many criticised her for overreacting and for her hypocrisy:

Here comes the example of PM Modi again

Even after a lot of criticism coming her way, Irani remain unfazed and gave an epic reply to a Twitter user. No doubts who is the queen of sass here!

And what did we learn from the whole show? Never to address Smriti Irani as 'dear' again!