You must have seen Walter White boasting about his knowledge of chemistry in Breaking Bad and, like Jesse Pinkman, marvelled at his brilliance. But way before he said "Science, bitch!", there was a man who could teach Mr. White a thing or two about chemistry.

Yes, we're talking about none other than CID's Dr Salunkhe!

While Daya is thodoing darwazas and ACP Pradyuman is busy changing lightbulbs, it's Dr Salunkhe who has been solving cases for CID for 19 years now.

Such is the man's genius that by just looking at fingerprints, he can tell you who they belong to. He can even look at a piece of wood and find the forest it came from. 

Well, at least he claims to do so. And frankly, who are we to question the man who has been successfully running the Crime Investigation Department of Indian TV, right?

Such is his brilliance, Dr Salunkhe can look at a bullet and tell you who shot it. 

People wait for weeks to get a DNA report in our country. Even for those high-profile cases, days are spent before forensic experts can ascertain those results. 

But not with Salunkhe. He can trace someone DNA within seconds!

After all, who can challenge a man who has a science lab in his bedroom?

As humans grow older, they start ageing. It's the law of nature, right?

Wrong. Or, wrong at least in the case of Dr Salunkhe. 

Look at his transformation:

We wonder how the Nobel prize committee has still not taken note of this man.

Remember how he famously brought back ACP's eyesight even when doctors had failed him? Those firang shows with all their technology don't stand a chance in front of Salunkhe

I mean, who can beat this profound line: "Yeh toh bullet wound hai, lagta hai ise goli lagi hai"

The man is a genius!

Even when he's hospitalised, ACP has to turn to him to solve the case.

Over the years, we have seen a lot of lab assistants with Dr Salunkhe

They came and went because when there's a fine mind like Salunkhe, there just isn't any space for silly assistants who spend time flirting with Abhijeet.

Daya might have the muscles but the brain behind the operation has always been Salunkhe

If it wasn't for him, CID might have shut many years ago. ACP Pradyuman might think that he's the showman but such is the kindness of this man, he lets him believe so.

Salunkhe is a gift to the world of science. 

What the Stephen Hawkings and James Watsons of the world took a lifetime to learn, Salunkhe has been teaching us for almost two decades. 

If it wasn't for him, the world of science in Indian TV would have completely collapsed.

Long live, Dr Salunkhe!