This incident may get this 24-year-old man from Hangzhou in China to swear off drinks. In a drunken stupor, the man accidentally fell four floors down an elevator shaft after trying to kick its doors. 

A report by Sina, said that the man who was identified just as Yang, was caught on the security cam footage getting into a tussle with a friend outside a restaurant before executing a flying kick at the elevator's metal doors. 

As a result of his kick, one of the doors broke off its hinge and came loose.

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While trying to inspect the damage that he caused, Yang took a step forward but fell through the broken door and down the elevator shaft. 

After the accident, staff from the restaurant immediately called the police and the man was rushed to a nearby hospital. Fortunately for him, he survived the fall and is now recovering from just a broken left leg, reports Mashable.

Watch the video here:

Source: YouTube