The bedroom is the most important place in the house. It's like a second home within the home. It's that cave that your mom can't get you out of; the four walls within which you have danced, cried, and talked to yourself without any fear of judgement. In short, it is a reflection of you.

Which is why it also reflects the kind of person that you are. The walls speak, the posters tell stories and the bookshelf with your personal diary throws light on all that you've been through. However, there is always that one wall or corner that suffers neglect. But decorating that same boring wall can change the look of your room.

Here are some ideas to turn that boring wall into something more personal: 

1. Get out all your old photos and make a nice photo wall

Your room gives away so much of your personality just like your photos do. So, making a photo wall is the ultimate way of decorating the wall that you barely look at. Use fairy lights to hang the photos and you'll have just the perfect wall.

Source: Pinterest

2. You can make your own frames for a photo wall using coloured tape

This is a rather creative way of decorating your bedroom wall. How many times have you given up on the idea of a photo wall just because of the lack of photo frames? Well, you can use coloured tape and what's even better is that you can experiment with the designs.


3. Make a photo string and add some birds to it to make your wall more nostalgic

Remember Konkana's wall in Wake Up Sid? You'd have to admit that in that moment, you wanted that wall in your own room. Well, it is as easy as it gets. Print some photos in black and white. Also print out some bird silhouettes. Attach one nail to each side of the wall and hang a string in a straight line using the nails. Now all you need to do is to place the photos and bird prints around the string and voila! You've got your own Wake Up Sid wall. 

Source: choatic journal/YouTube

4. A geometric photo wall will add some modern touch to your plain wall

All you need is some nails arranged in any shape that you want. Take a ball of thread and attach it on different nails for the desired shape. Just hang some pictures and you'll have a beautiful photo wall to yourself.

Source: Brianna Renee/YouTube

5. But coloured tape can also be used as wallpaper so you're spoiled for choice

You can use multiple colours or a single colour for the cheapest wallpaper out there. Think about a good design and just get to work. Using more colours will give your room some much needed quirky vibe. Imagine, all you need is tape to make your room go from boring to bright!


6. Channelize your inner Picasso and paint your wall on your own

Don't worry. You don't have to choose a difficult design. Take up a simple design and put it on your wall. You can always experiment and decorate the wall with photos and fairy lights for a more finished look.

Source: Delta-Hexagon

7. Ombre is in fashion even when it comes to walls, so go ahead and experiment

More than being in fashion, giving your wall an ombre effect is a very easy affair. You need 3 colours: White and 2 shades of the colour you choose. Once you've painted your wall white, use the darker shade at the bottom. While going up, start using the lighter shade. Mix according to your own artistic perspective and you'll have a beautiful wall to stare at. 

Source: CatCreature/YouTube

8. Use vinyl records to decorate your wall for a retro feel

If you're a music enthusiast or if you're into retro things, this is a great idea for you. You can take vinyl records and arrange them on your wall in any way. You can paint your wall a different colour before doing that or you can save yourself that effort and use fairy lights and posters for a finishing touch.


9. Nothing in your room will make more sense than your favourite quote

The quote you choose says so much about your personality and putting your favourite one on your wall will add to the charm of your room. You can cut out alphabets using plain paper or old magazines and stick it on your wall. Use fairy lights or dream-catchers to finish the decor.

Source: Pinterest

10. Why go for one quote when you can have a whole quote wall?

This is easy but still adds to that one wall that you ignore. You just need to pen down your favourite quotes on paper and arrange them on your wall. Throw in some Bollywood quotes to make it more dramatic.

Source: amilb11/Instagram

11. Use simple geometry to change the way your wall looks

Use a stencil to make a shape of your choice and get to painting your wall. The design depends entirely on you but what's given is that it's super easy and won't require too much time or money. In fact, you can use potatoes or onions to make the stencil. Put your kindergarten painting skills to work!

Source: doziajoseph/Instagram

12. Put your old bed sheet to use for a boho wall

This one is especially for those of you who happen to be a little lazy. You can give your room a very boho look by just hanging a colourful bed sheet on that one boring wall. It'll make one corner of your room burst with colour and the effort required is minimum.

Source: Pinterest

13. Fairy lights shouldn't just be for Diwali because they can brighten up your room

If you absolutely love the festive feel and live in anticipation when it comes to Diwali feels, you need this in your room. The fairy light string arrangement will add a lot of light to your room and it will be of perfect use for that one barren wall in your room. 

Source: sophdoesnails/YouTube

14. Add some illusion to make your wall look 3D

Use shapes that will look like clever illusions. Here, it looks like butterflies are flying across the wall. All you need to have is butterfly print outs but you can also design it on your own. Stick on your wall and the design will make your boring wall look 3D. How cool is that?


15. Like mirrors? How about you add some of them on the wall? 

Adding a few mirrors to that one blank wall in your room will not only make it look pretty but it will also make your room look bigger. Choose mirrors with different frames and set them up in a pattern of your choice and you'll have a pretty fab wall.


What are you waiting for? Get decoratin'!