"Be kind to one another."

Celebrities are seen as role models in our society. And while there aren't many who truly deserve that pedestal, we are too keen to make them our idols and why not! They are popular, their statements make headlines and their actions, good or bad, affect the society we live in.

There are celebrities who should just be appreciated for the jobs they do and then there are celebrities who make it their job to make the world a better place.

One such person is Ellen DeGeneres!

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She's funny, charming, witty, humble, an animal lover, a feminist and a humanitarian - basically she is everything that makes a human being perfect.

Ellen helps people from all over and sets an example for the society.

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"Be kind to one another". This is not just a statement she signs off with every day, she truly means it. 

Her #BeKindToOneAnother campaign encourages people to help their classmates, colleagues or anyone they think needs their help. She applauds the heroes that exist in our lives, the ones who help without expecting anything in return and Ellen deserves every bit of praise for applauding them.

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Recently, former POTUS Barack Obama presented Ellen with the Presidential Medal of Freedom and it wasn't just Ellen who was left teary eyed. Millions of us around the globe were equally touched. 

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She came out 20 years ago and back then, society wasn't even as remotely liberal as it is today. She risked her career and every bit of reputation she had earned up until then but with an honest confession like that, she told society that there was nothing wrong in accepting who you truly are. 

Her strength to stand up for herself and be the person she is has inspired many individuals to come out.

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For the millennials, Ellen will always be Dory. The adorable, forgetful fish, who makes life a little more difficult for Marlin but ultimately saves the day.

Millions of people who watch her around the globe love Ellen not just because she makes us laugh, we love her also because she makes us forget about the chaos that exists everywhere. She's loved because watching Ellen for an hour or even a few minutes takes you to a place that feels surreal. Because sometimes, it's difficult to believe that someone as positive as her exists in this world. 

Ellen makes us realise that the world is a beautiful place, we just need to look at it differently.