Our phones are like our secret diaries. From mails to porn preferences, we've got all our personal information on them. The reason we all come up with creative passwords for our phones is because we want no one to peek into our world. Hence, the anxiety that we experience when someone asks for our phone is quite real.

However, intentionally or unintentionally, we've all come across some extremely awkward stuff on other people's phones, which changes the way we see things forever. 

Someone on Quora asked people the most embarrassing thing that they saw on someone's phone and the answers range from hilarious to heartbreaking. 

Take a look:


"My chemistry teacher bought a new phone and wanted me to switch location services for him. After switching on the service, I opened the browser to see how much the mobile costed. I saw a suggestion from Xvideos. I controlled my laughter and gave him back his phone. He knew he was caught. I was treated as a special child in his classes. No random questions. Extra marks. Thank you sir, for watching porn."


"We are a group of 8 boys in college and we often snoop on each others phones. Once, however, we opened a friend's WhatsApp chat with his girlfriend and there was a d*ck photo staring back at us. I quote what one of them said, “Even if I wash my eyes with phenyl, that image will never go.”


"One of my guy friends has a cool collection of inspirational quote photos. So, I was going through his gallery, and he knew about it, and suddenly I encountered a photo of another friend of mine taking a bath near a washbasin in the communal bathroom in his underwear only. I threw his phone at him and closed my eyes, hoping to forget it!"


"It’s a usual thing to use each others stuff when you are bachelors staying in an apartment. My roommate's mobile was in another room so he Googled something on my phone when the internet connection went off. He left my phone there and went on to check the WiFi. Cherry on the top, he forgot to close the browser. His search was: After you take a dump, do you use the jet to wash your butt while sitting on the commode or get off it and use it on the floor?"


"This was around 2 years ago when my young cousin sisters were in junior school. They were playing with my brother's iPad. Initially, they felt very shy but once comfortable, they said that they saw bhaiya's picture in his iPad with his girlfriend, where they were both naked."


"This happened while I was in Class 7 in a boarding school in Shimla. A teacher asked my friend to bring him his phone kept in another room. While bringing the phone, my friend peeped through his photo gallery and found nude and semi-nude pictures of another teacher (of course, a female). Behaving exactly like kids, we told other children soon and it spread like a wildfire in the whole school including the faculty. A few weeks later, both of them got divorced by their partners. I hold myself guilty."


"I took my friend’s phone, albeit casually, and started browsing through his gallery. And there was a picture of a guy sitting in the metro, beside a girl, with his wanker hanging out. My jaw literally dropped to the floor. When confronted, he denied having seen it. Although it may sound silly, that image and his expression are the two things I will never be able to get out of my mind."


"This girl caught the attention of all the commuters waiting for a train including all the ladies there . I was one of those ladies. She was around 5.7 , aged around mid-20s and had a flawless complexion. She was wearing a short top revealing her navel and displaying cleavage. Soon, the train came and I happened to get a place next to her. After a while, I happened to peek into her mobile. She was chatting with someone about meeting up. Suddenly, I was shocked to read one sentence : For entire night, I will charge Rs. 15000."


"A couple of us decided to search on Quora for some horror movie suggestions. My phone was out of battery and only one friend had Quora installed on his phone. I asked for his phone and he gave it to me. As I was going to type, we saw his last search which was: Does masturbation weaken your brain? (Note: He is a below average student)"


"One night, my uncle WhatsApped me some nude images unknowingly. Most probably, he was trying to save them but instead of touching save, he touched share. Anyway, it wouldn't be a problem if I was alone but accidentally, my wife picked up the phone and checked WhatsApp when the images came."


"While sliding through the pictures in a junior's phone, we saw pictures of his d*ck, I suppose. And then one after another, captured from different angles. All he could say was, "It's not mine", although he regretted saying that later when all of us counter-fired him for keeping pictures of other men's d*cks. He realised it soon and embarrassingly accepted that those were his pictures only."


"So 3 years ago, my friends and I were sitting together and looking at one of my friend's pictures of a recent trip she went to during vacations on her phone. Suddenly, she left the room but we came across a photo in her phone that left us shocked and embarrassed. So apparently, she was sexting some guy the other night and forgot to delete a few pictures. They were too graphic and extremely creative. A good use of our college tie. And apparently, my friend is really flexible. She could easily give competition to porn stars. That guy was pretty lucky, I must say."


 "I found collages of my boyfriend's special female friend. From pouting selfies to collages of my boyfriend and her parents with hearts. I didn't know how to react and tears rolled down my eyes. I underwent a huge trauma after this incident and my boyfriend finally opted for his special friend and ended a 3-year-old relationship."


" I was upgrading my friend's phone and saw WhatsApp chats with girls and surprisingly when I opened all the chats, he'd sent them messages like, 'Hi baby, you look so hot' or, 'Hey, please send me your picture.' I don't know from where he'd got the number of these girls. None of them had replied to him and some of them had even blocked him. He always seemed so innocent to me."


"After a year of studying in the city, I went back to my village. I was quite comfortable with handing my phone to my friends and we often exchanged songs. On one such exchanging spree, I came across my friend's phone wallpaper. It was my girlfriend. When I asked him about it, he said it was a famous South Indian actress Meghna. But it was my girl in the shirt that I gifted her."


"We were a group of boys who sneaked into another friend's phone. We thought we'd get enough material to make fun of him. We came across gay porn. It confused us a bit because he had never dropped any such hint and he also had a girlfriend."