Indian television and its week-after-week shenanigans just don't cease to exist. Each week when I write this article, I hope and pray that there will be something that will reinstate my faith in desi TV but unfortunately, that never happens. As    you would have guessed by now, this week was no different! Plots got more idiotic and we even saw a semi-popular face from Bollywood trying his luck on TV.

Here's all the weird shit that happened on Indian TV this week:

1. Sasural Simar Ka (Colors)

Story? What's that? This is probably the discussion that goes on in the writing chambers of Sasural Simar Ka. Their current track started going the Rosemary's Baby way but they missed the shot by a huge mark. Simar is now apparently carrying    the devil's child (I can't even count how many mythologies these guys have mixed up by now) and the devil preachers have kidnapped her husband to make sure she actually delivers the devil baby.

Meanwhile, the junior artists in Sasural Simar Ka are having a tougher time than the writers. I mean look at the woman in the background. 

That's what she's made to do for the WHOLE EPISODE. No, we're not kidding! I do feel bad for her though!

2. Santoshi Maa (And TV)

In Santoshi Maa, the show in which Gods are way too invested in human lives, there's a new Indra Dev and let's refresh your memory for the actor who plays the part.

This guy is Aryan Vaid who was once known for his small stint in the first season of Bigg Boss. But now he's Indra and has transformed into this:

Source: YouTube

And this is the show that already boasts of Gracy Singh, the Lagaan girl, as the lead actress.

Source: YouTube

So now they know Bigg Boss isn't the only option!

3. Amma (Zee TV)

Zee TV has a new show, Amma, which is about a female gangster but for some reason all the visuals have a different colour filter. 

But that isn't even the worst part of the show! Aman Varma, yes, the Khullja Sim Sim actor, speaks in a Hyderabadi-esque dialect and it's really hard to not make fun of it. And his look in the show doesn't help his case either!

Source: YouTube

Watch him here.

4. Kawach (Colors)

Kawach, the supernatural show that has replaced Naagin, is leaving no stone unturned in scaring the audience. The show just shows one scary visual after another, like this one!

Finally, some good news!

Season 2 of 24 starring Anil Kapoor premieres on Colors today and we hope that this will be a respite from all the shit that's on air.

Source: ColorsTV Promos

In case you don't watch TV, don't worry, you haven't missed a thing!