Indian TV channels never fail to entertain us. The problem is that they expect us to get shocked but we end up laughing instead. But nonetheless the entertainment is just spot on! 

The surprises just keep on coming with flies and gorillas and this week was no different. Let's recap the WTF moments that happened on Indian TV last week:


There's a baby Voldemort in Sasural Simar Ka!

Simar's back in her human form and now she's pregnant with a devil's baby. The witches on the show are practicing their voodoo skills on dolls. Yes. Really!

BTW that's the voodoo baby for Simar's foetus.


Source: YouTube

This isn't even the weirdest thing on this show. The storyline is such that the Gods, mainly Brahma, has misdirected the spirit of the lead character, Santoshi. So this time he has sent her original spirit back to Earth and also shown us the way aatma travels across planets!

Because aatma needs directions too!

And in case you were wondering why are they playing with a human's aatma for no reason, apparently, the termites have eaten up Santoshi's page. We know that makes no sense but the show doesn't either! 

There is an actual termite in heaven.

Now we know who to blame for our problems!


Meanwhile, Life Ok's Nagarjun Ek Yoddha is on another trip!

There's a naag lok on the show which has a GoT inspired Iron Throne.

Source: t2online

And the naags are at war with the humans.

Source: india-forums

Well the war has now escalated and this is what's up on the show.


TV makes us go WTF every week!