Facebook has been bringing people together for a long time and it seems that the social media giant is all set to venture into the ride sharing business, with a plan that, given its outreach, can quickly make Facebook a big player in the industry.

In a patent application published recently, it was revealed that while Facebook has been allowing people to set up events and integrate maps for directions for getting to the event, now it will also let users set up car pools with others attending the same event, Quartz reports.

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The user can select what mode of transport they are using and get them in touch with others who are going to the same location in a similar way. It can provide a route to a user, and also let them know from where they can pick up others who wish to share a ride.

Not only this, the service will take consider different factors like the kind of music a person likes, political affiliations or pages they like while teaming people together. This will not only be convenient for people travelling to an event, but will also allow them to interact with like minded people, as reported by Business Insider.

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Once a group brought together by the social media service agree to ride together, the driver will get a map which will show an optimal route for him/her to pick up each member conveniently.

In a recent conversation, Mark Zuckerberg indicated that this initiative will do much more than just allowing people reach events easily, as he said that the move that allows people to order an Uber through Facebook messenger is just a test for a "transportation platform".

With billions of users worldwide and major expansion plans, it seems that Facebook might go on to build a major car sharing service of its own in a short span of time, given the kind of infrastructure it already has in place.

Source: b'Source: US Patent and Trademark Department'

Although there hasn't been any comment from Facebook representatives yet, the plan seems feasible as platforms like Uber and AirBnb already use Facebook ID log in and user verification. 

Feature image source: Reuters