Bored of the strict blue-and-white colour scheme on Facebook? Turns out Facebook sensed our boredom and dished out a brand-new feature that will allow Android users to dress up their text-only posts with vibrant background colours.

According to a report in TechCrunch, Facebook has been testing this new feature to encourage users to post personal text statuses and the feature will roll out globally over the next few days exclusively for Android users. Though, it will soon be available across all platforms (iOS and Web).

How to get it?

A Facebook spokesperson told Tech Crunch that the company’s aim with this addition is that it wants to make status’ more visual in nature. 

It was earlier revealed this year in a Fortune report that the social network’s sharing of personal posts declined by 21 percent. Instead of posting personal status updates or posts, users tend to share external links and Facebook does not want that. 

Thus, this new update which visibly marks a huge departure for Facebook’s identity but is sure to capture users' attention, at least for a while.