The entire population of the Kashmir valley is restricted to their homes and has mobile internet blocked due to the protests over the killing of a militant. But many Kashmiris who have access to broadband internet are coordinating emergency services and the distribution of packed food through social media platforms to help those affected by this. 

On Sunday, as the number of those injured in police firing spiked, netizens began to share emergency contact numbers of hospitals and ambulance services. Some social media users also began to create a database of hospitals in the valley even as posts about the lack of blood in hospitals were also shared widely. Local committees organized camps to ensure food and essential supplies reached the affected are information regarding them was also being shared on social media networks. 

With the number of injured running into hundreds, Directorate of Health Services in Kashmir on Monday also informed the public to contact them through various social media accounts. 

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There have been messages such as these: 

 Feature image source: Twitter/ANI